Reggae Party Press Release

28 11 2006

The First Time Voters Project, a national advocacy and education network of youth and student organizations pushing for the meaningful participation of young people in the electoral process conducts a Reggae Party at the Xaymaca Bar in Quezon City as kick off, second semester gathering of electoral youth reform advocates that shall see through the realization of credible elections in 2007.

As a means to capture fellow youth’s imagination, the Network gathers different youth around Metro Manila in such an occasion to uphold and celebrate the significant role of the young in shaping the future starting with its involvement in the 2007 elections. The Network beleives that at present there constitute nearly a million first time voters in the National Capital Region alone, one-fifth of the overall electoral turn out in the 2004 elections. With such numbers and the youth’s idealism and energies, first time voters is a potent force to contribute in the much needed reforms in the country’s politics.

The First Time Voters project who organized the First Time Voters Reggae Party announces its plans to position on significant issues like the Constituent Assembly, Peace, education Reforms and the other youth-related demands and issues, saying that these issues impact the coming elections and will have its premium as young people who will cast their ballot looking on the platforms and positions of their candidates.

The Network even cited how young people, especially first time voters, in the United States voted against the Republicans in their recently concluded elections, with the consciousness on the issues of war and basic services. Such outcome is likely to turn out also, says the Network, lest national policies that are just, effective and youth-responsive will be put on the sidelines.

The First Time Voters Reggae Party, a venue to also inform first time voters of the registration process, is also attended by different guests and personalities who support the cause that make the young voices be heard in the coming elections. Activities following this second semester kick-off include school hopping to educate first time voters and mobilizations to register first time voters from diffrent cities in the Linggo ng Kabataan in December.


FTV Reggae Party

4 11 2006

Join us in the hottest participatory party in town!!!!

The “First Time Voters Reggae Party”
Peace Pipe
Reggae Mistress
Hemp Republic
Xymaca Bar
Timog, Quezon City
the program will start at 8pm
Tickets are sold for 175php
inclusive of 2 drinks
Just contact us if you are interested!!