Rock The Vote concert hopes to encourage civic

17 04 2007

April 17, 2007

The University of the Philipines Kadugong Bol-anon – Diliman student organization, Island City Mall, OceanJet, Dagohoy World Travel, CellMart, Doy’s Seafoods & Grill, Vest Pension House, Mobile Solutions, First Time Voters Project and V Events will come together to host the first ever Rock the Vote event here in Bohol, a concert that brings together top musical artists to celebrate music and empower young people to change their world.

According to Von Madriñan of the student organization, Rock the Vote is meant to encourage college-age people to play a more active role in government by getting out and voting.

“Students sometimes have the misconception that voting is scary, hard or confusing, when really it’s quite easy,” Madriñan said.

Kicking off at 8 p.m. on April 13, 2007 at ICM Carpark, ” Rock the Vote” will feature Smooth
Friction, Cebu’s hottest band behind hit songs “Solid ug Lawas” and “Panyero” plus various top local bands including Suitcase 101, Molecules, Lucid Interval, Impound, Unwanted Revenge, Cold Stare and more, who on top of performing, will be encouraging young adults to vote and use their political voice.

The event is aimed to educate students on the civic responsibility of voting by providing sample ballots, information on how to vote and lists of voting locations to students along with entertainment from well-established musical artists.

Smooth friction, a four-man band out of Cebu, is known for its diverse music. They started officially in the hot summer of 2000. The music of Smooth Friction can probably be described best as smooth friction. The smooth comes from the jazzy guitar overtones with its unconventional chords and progressions, almost American standard bass lines, with the sinuous vocals and lyrics. The friction comes from the aggressive double bass drum beats and the live antics and sometimes costumes.

Their music is as diverse as each hombre’s musical influences fusing together in a form they themselves are having a hard time naming it. Probably it’s nu-jazz, rock-jazz, fusion, alternative, kundiman, novelty, or progressive rock/metal/jazz. According to their Web site, Smooth Friction has released 5 albums since 2001. The most recent, “Panyero” and “Kinasingkasing na Halad”, were released earlier this year.

Along with performances, First Time Voters Project will be at the event informing people about election and national issues. Positions for senators, house representatives and governor are just a few of the items on the ballot.

“The goal is to make people want to vote, and be passionate about having a voice,” Madriñan said. The event hopes to increase general voter turnout rather than sway votes one way or another.

First 18 registered voters with voter’s i.d. can get in for free. Tickets for “Rock the Vote” are P40 and P60. Early buyers can purchase discounted tickets at Dagohoy World Travel, located at 35 Graham St., Tagbilaran City. For more information on Rock the Vote, contact Von Madriñan at von_christopher.madrinan@…. Come out, Be seen and Be heard!