COMELEC holds pre-bidding conference

27 03 2009

dsc_00381The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) held a pre-bidding conference today of prospective election systems suppliers for the automation of the May 10, 2010 National and Local Elections.

The conference was held at the Bureau of the Treasury Conference Room at the Third Floor of the Palacio del Gobernador in Intramuros, Manila.

According to the poll body’s Education and Information Department (EID), ten firms have already secured the necessary bid documents, including the terms of reference from the COMELEC. They are:

Total Information Management (T.I.M.) / Smartmatic; Avante International Technology, Inc.; Syrex Corporation / Scantron; DVS Philippines /Samsung; Indra Sistemas S.A.; Universal Storefront Services Company / Sequoia; All Data Hub International, Inc.; Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd.; AMA Group Holdings Corporation / ES&S International and Mega Data Corporation.

The EID released this fact sheet on the pre-bid conference:


The Pre-Bid Conference for the 2010 Automation Project is scheduled to begin promptly at 10 am, at the Convention Hall of the Bureau of the Treasury, at the 3rd Floor of the Palacio del Gobernador Building.

The Pre-Bid Conference is the opportunity for those who have purchased Bid Documents to raise – before the Special Bids and Awards Committee (SBAC) – concerns they may have about any part of the Bid Documents.

These concerns may cover a wide range of matters – anything from complex questions regarding technical specifications to simple requests for clarification.

All inquiries will be addressed and the SBAC’s responses will be contained in a Bid Bulletin that shall be posted on the websites of the COMELEC ( and the Government E-Procurement System.

All Bid Bulletins become integral components of the Bid Documents. It is the responsibility of the holders of the Bid Documents to inquire about, and secure copies of any Bid Bulletins that may be issued by the SBAC.

After the Pre-Bid Conference, holders of Bid Documents may still submit written queries to the SBAC. The last day for submitting written queries is April 17,2009 or ten days before the April 27 deadline for the submission of Bids.

Replies to written queries submitted after the Pre-Bid Conference will likewise be in the form of Bid Bulletins and shall form part of the Bid Documents.

The Pre-Bid Conference will be open to the public. However, only the holders of Bid Documents will be able to address the SBAC directly, and only on matters directly related or connected to the Bid Documents.

dsc_00481“It’s a good pre-bid conference. The bidders were duly represented. There was a very lively discussion especially on the eligibility requirements. The bidders were satified,” said Dir. Ferdinand Rafanan, Chairperson of the COMELEC’s Special Bids and Awards Committee (SBAC).

“I think we were able to communicate with them (bidders) our resolve to be fair, transparent and independent,” he said, adding that the COMELEC, thru the SBAC, will continue to “study the rules, answer their queries and prepare for the opening of bids on April 27, 2009.”

Meanwhile, COMELEC Chairman Jose A.R. Melo has reiterated the poll body’s commitment to ensure transparency on the bidding process.

“The whole bidding process will be covered by the media. Everything will be taped para we can replay everything and makita ng lahat na open na open tayo. Lalo na kapag binuksan na natin ang mga bids. We will open the proceedings to everybody who wants to attend and observe, especially the media,” the COMELEC chief said.





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