TaskForce 2010 and First Time Voters Project 100 Launched in Northern Mindanao and Luzon

29 04 2009


Citizens Care and Youth groups in Iligan led the launch of Task Force 2010 and First Time Voters’ Project in Mindanao last April 18-21, 2009.

Citizen’s Care and First Time Voters’ Network, members of Task Force 2010, formally introduced the TaskForce and First Time Voters’ Project 100 in Northern Mindanao.

The SK Federation together with Iligan youth groups led FTV’s campaign on voters’ registration, voters’ education and youth agenda building.

“The youth sector is just one of the vulnerable sectors that TaskForce2010 is concentrating in. The task force is bent on encouraging the maximum participation of the internally displaced, elderly, people with disability, migrant workers, detainees, and indigeneous people in the 2010 elections, thus our group’s involvement in these initiatives,” says Salic Ibrahim, Convenor of C-Care ARMM.

Task Force 2010 is a consortium and partnership between and among various election watchdogs aiming to push for the needed reforms in the electoral process.

Task Force 2010 is initially composed of the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV), Institute for Political and Electoral Reform (IPER), Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan (SLB), Center for Migrant Advocacy (CMA), La Salle Justice and Peace Commission (LSJPC), Citizen’s Care, Inc. (C-CARE), Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP), Teachers and Employees for Change, Education Reforms and Solidarity (TEACHERS, Inc.), Philippine Society of NSTP Educators, Inc. (PSNEI), Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement (PRRM), First Time Voters Network (FTV), Association of Major Religious Superiors of the Philippines (AMRSP), Confederation of Independent Unions (CIU), Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC), Caucus of Development NGO and CBCP-National Secretariat for Social Action (CBCP-NSSA).

The SK Federation together with Iligan youth leaders actively participated in the 3-day launch which consisted of a youth consultative forum in Mindanao State University, a press conference in Lailai Restaurant and a community hopping in the biggest barangays of Iligan. Also present in the launch was Atty. Anna Sabio  from COMELEC Region 10.


First Time Voters Network National Convenor, Paula Bianca Lapuz said that the Iligan launch was only the first in a series of FTV launches in all of Mindanao and the country. The group initially launched in Taytay, Rizal last April 17, 2009, where the local groups of FTV Rizal conducted a series of activities which included a community hop, an off-site registration center in a barangay, and a register to vote concert where 500-1000 young people were present.

“After visiting Iligan, I also met with some groups in Cagayan de Oro for the possible launching of FTV in CDO,” quips Lapuz.

FTV Network in Isabela will also have a big launch in Santiago City this May 3, 2009, through a concert dubbed as Isabela Youth Jam 2009 where young people from all over the province and its nearby areas are expected to attend. The Network has already conducted successful simultaneous small launches in all barangays in Isabela during the last week of April. A series of political education will follow the youth jam, as a part FTV’s campaign to inform young people of the country’s current political situation and the former’s great role in shaping the country’s politics.

Similar activities are being conducted in other areas of FTV such as Makati, Manila, Quezon City, Manadaluyong, Cebu City, etc., in order to encourage young people to participate meaningfully in all electoral processes leading to 2010 and beyond.





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