Magparehistro. Bumoto. May Pag-asa pa.

10 05 2009

Media Person/s: Eriza Dapitan (

TaskForce2010 and First Time Voters Network Commit 365 days for Electoral Reform Advocacy

TaskForce2010, the broadest electoral reform coalition, spearheads the continuous engagement of civil society groups in the electoral reform advocacy, as it supports the First Time Voters Network’s gathering in EDSA grounds, today, May 11, 2009, to broadcast the message of hope amidst the general public’s disillusionment and distrust in the political and electoral system of the country.

“There’s nothing like seeing the young people optimistic about their future. This gathering echoes our deepest hopes for genuine reforms to take place in this country,” says Paula Bianca Lapuz, FTV National Convenor.

The youth group will light up 150 candles in the EDSA grounds to symbolize their commitment to spread the campaign on voters’ registration and conscientious voting in 2010 among young people all over the country, exactly one year before the elections.

Bishop Broderick S. Pabillo, Co-Chair of TF2010, will preside over a mass after the candle lighting to solemnize the event. The Bishop is expected to tackle the issues of registering and voting responsibly.

“EDSA Shrine is also a very symbolic venue for this activity as it embodies the aspirations of the first People Power in 1986. This time around, we will show a different People Power, we will ensure that the young people will make their mark in 2010, we will show the youth power in the ballots,” adds Helen Joy Paulino, National Spokesperson of FTV.

FTV Network is the youth arm of TF2010, and is leading the campaign to get young people involved in the pre-, actual, and post electoral processes of the country. The network has said in its previous statements that should all the first time voters vote critically in 2010, the young people can in fact ELECT the country’s next president.

Roughly making up of 60% of the electorate in 2010, with an estimate number of NINE million first time voters, young people will definitely prove to be a political force to reckon with, if and when they indeed vote.

“We’d like to make this campaign as meaningful and as exciting for all FTV’s aged 17-25 years old, as it was for us for the past EIGHT years since we started in 2001, and we want all the young people to enjoy the same experiences that we’ve had. We are very glad that young people from Iligan, Cagayan de Oro, Isabela, Rizal, Cebu, and Davao were among the first FTV areas to launch FTV 100-a campaign to get 100 youth organizations that will do the FTV campaign,” states Lapuz.

The network is looking forward to mobilize more young people to register in COMELEC in all its other areas as well. FTV groups all over the country have started their own processes and localized campaigns on voters’ registration.

“As we all light our candles, we hope to impart the importance of the young people’s participation in our democratic exercises, most especially in the polls. We all want to ensure that all our votes will be counted but before that we have to ensure that we will register, and then further make sure that our votes will truly reflect our aspirations and values as a people, magparehistro, bumoto, may pag-asa pa,” concludes Paulino.#####




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