Notes from my Experience as a Newly-Registered Vote

22 05 2009

First Published May 3, 2009 at 9:30am

First Time Voters’ Network Ning site

Three days ago (Thursday), I went to the Quezon City Hall with Pepi, Cars, Drew and Karla to get myself registered for the 2010 national elections. After a couple of boo-boos, we finally got ourselves registered. Drew and Karla didn’t though (I’ll talk about that later haha).

Now that I’m a registered voter, I’m not being a hypocrite anymore by urging others to do so. And now I can’t just complain by doing nothing; I can vote first, and then if it doesn’t turn out to be a good vote, then I can have the right to complain. (I think this is one of the key points in Ma’am Geoann’s class)

Some thoughts:

* If possible, don’t go when it’s raining, especially if you’re from District 1 or 2.

* If you can, call up the COMELEC Office before you go there just to make sure they’re there. Drew and Karla were supposed to register in the District 4 office, but it turned out that the people manning that office were holding a satellite voters’ registration in Camp Crame. [Sorry guys dinala ko pa kayo!]

* Asking where the line for registration is not enough, ask where the registration line for your DISTRICT is. We made a mistake of asking where registration line was, and ended up falling in line with the District 2 voters. When we reached the window where our IDs will be processed, sabi nila sa kabila raw ang District 3. Wahahaha! Sayang yung 20 minutes namin. Minsan kasi yung iba walang sign kung aling district yung pila, so be careful.

* Kung may pila sa district niyo, huwag kayo masindak. Fall in line like anyone else. Talk to people. What I did was ask the person beside me if we needed to present a birth certificate aside from an official ID. I knew that the answer was no but I just wanted to make sure and at the same time be at ease with the people. One nanay asked me to join her if she gets to the window first. Ang bait ng nanay na yun, pero buti na lang din hindi namin kinuha kasi baka magalit yung mga nasa likod namin. At yun nga, District 2 yung napilahan namin. Hehe.

* Talk to the officers in the registration booth. Sometimes they look masungit but they have a fun side in them. If you’re from Katipunan, I advise you to ask them what you’ll write in the space provide for your address — Katipunan Ave. or C.P. Garcia.

I hope people will register already while it’s still relatively early. October 31, 2009 is the deadline. Just bring a valid ID with your name, address, picture and signature on it. And photocopy it. 🙂

Author is Kurt Dion T. Cendana, an officer of Ateneo Saggunian




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