What I Want from my President (as of now)

22 05 2009

First Published May 17, 2009 at 9:52pm

First Time Voters Network Ning Site

I’ve been reading blogs supporting this or that candidate, hating this or that candidate. And in between the comments about certain presidentiables, the common answers were:

“I don’t want a corrupt president”

“I don’t want another GMA”

“I don’t want a pro-GMA candidate”

“I don’t want Korina Sanchez as first lady”

“I don’t want a trapo”

“I don’t want a merger of church and state”

“I don’t want Erap” (sorry)

Ewan ko kung ako lang, pero marami talaga akong nakikitang “ayoko” or “I don’t want” statements. Hmm.. What do we really want? Some people are branding Mar Roxas the ‘lesser evil’ of the roster. So will it be a victory of the lesser evil (again)? I guess I echo Karl’s statement/question. What is/are our non-negotiable/s?

Karl’s blog got me thinking what I really want from my 2010-2016 president, and I can only come up with one answer so far. I want him to choose his cabinet members based on credibility and competence. No family ties, no utang na loob appointments. If I see someone like GMA appointing Lito Atienza to DENR, you’re off my list.

Did I just rephrase an “I don’t want” statement? Haha. Naman, o!

Anyway, drop your non-negotiables in Karl’s blog! I’m also looking forward to seeing new comments!

Author is Kurt Dion T. Cendana, officer of Ateneo SAnggunian




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