FTV on Petition to Extend Voters Registration

15 10 2009

Official Press Release

October 15, 2009

Youth network, First Time Voters’ (FTV) Project composed of university and college student councils, youth leaders and socio-civic groups filed its petition in Commission on Elections last today to request an extension of the voters’ registration period.

In the network’s press conference last October 9, 2009 in De La Salle University Manila, youth leaders appealed to (COMELEC) to empathize with the people who were affected by the recent typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng and to accord to them as early Holiday present, the extension of voters’ registration.

In a statement, the group said that the registration turnout during the past months happened to be less than what was expected.

“The data from COMELEC stated that only roughly around 2.5 million people registered out of the 9 million supposed first-time voters,” quips Chichi Tullao, Union of Catholic Student Councils spokesperson and member of FTV.

The petition requests the one week extension of registration in Region IV-A (CALABARZON) except Rizal, Region IV-B (MIMAROPA), Region V (Bicol), and the Visayas and Mindanao regions. It also appeals for a month-long extension in the areas awfully affected by the two calamities, the Regions I to III (Ilocos, Cagayan Valley and Central Luzon regions), Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR), National Capital Region (NCR) and Rizal province.

“Our people should be reminded of how crucial the next election is, we should realize that we need capable leaders who can lead us not only in our everyday nation building efforts but also in crises like these , “shares Paula Bianca Lapuz, National Secretary-General of Student Council Alliance of the Philippines, core member of FTV.

“We wish to give typhoon victims and all first time and youth voters the assurance that they can make elected leaders in 2010 accountable to them directly, says Helen Paulino, spokesperson of FTV.

According to FTV, voters’ registration, voters’ education and election give surety that everyone has an equal standing with others, whether rich or poor.

“The Presidential Elections will only happen once in six (6) years. It is therefore encouraged that all qualified Filipinos to vote in May 2010, and they can only do so if they are registered,” adds Paulino.

The First Time Voters’ (FTV) Network is confident that the COMELEC will grant their petition to ensure the enfranchisement of the biggest stakeholders in the 2010 elections, the young people, who will make up close to 60% of next year’s electorate.

“One week or one month will definitely make all the difference, considering that the original registration deadline was December 31, 2009. This will give more time for people to register, of course, and FTV will make sure that it will do its part to encourage more Filipinos to register,” states Lapuz.

“Youth vote is an essential and curious vote. We must be able to help our fellow young people to make informed decisions in 2010, to ensure that their curiosity and idealism will aid in our initiatives for a better politics,” concludes Paulino.




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20 11 2009

i want how to membership in your FTV

20 11 2009


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