12 06 2012


June 12, 2012

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As the youth celebrates the Philippine Independence day, the First Time Voters Network, the largest coalition of youth and students advocating for greater youth participation, launches its registration drive and targets a hundred leap of youth engagement for 2013 mid-term elections.

“50% Vote, 50% Future, 100% First-Timers! This is our mix on how we intend to participate in the 2013 elections. We believe that the first time voters have their capacity to significantly contribute in shaping up the future of this country by its greater involvement in the election process,” said Cleo Loegardo, FTV Spokesperson

First Time Voter student and youth leaders from various universities, colleges and communities in the Metro Manila gathered today to lead a dance mobilization and unveil a big streamer in the heart of Manila with the call “Magparehistro. Bumoto. Tuloy ang Pagbabago”.

Leogardo explained that the campaign is to sustain the fight for change by taking a step in the registration and choosing responsible leaders.

FTV commits a 100% increase in the registration

FTV targets to increase the registration by 100% from the five million registered first time voters last 2010 elections.

It marked up to five million registered First Time Voters last 2010 national elections that contribute significantly in the big block of youth vote that elected the new leaders of the country who vowed for the fight against corruption, institutional reforms and protection of democracy.

“One hundred percent increase of registered First Time Voters will definitely a big leap in the Philippine electorate as we advocate for meaningful young people’s participation that will put forward the electoral and political reforms necessary for democratization and social inclusion of the youth as a means to address the generation’s continuing apathy and alienation to political, processes ”said Migs Angeles, FTV Network Coordinator.

“Youth Vote can elect the next leaders of our country!” Leogardo exclaimed. “We should take part in the process of developing our generation as active electorate that exercises our right to suffrage and maximizes youthful and critical tools in determining the fate of the country and the future,” she added.

FTV calls for satellite registration

Furthermore, FTV surveys in the communities and universities resulted that two out of five first time voters were not able to register because of school and work.  Another reason is that some young people do not reside in a permanent address.

“We asserted the synchronized registration process and database to the Commission on Elections where youth voters can register at the nearest satellite registration booths even they will be voting in other place or in their respective provinces during the elections. In this proposal, we provide mechanism to avoid voters’ disenfranchisement that leads to a low registrants,” Angeles claims.

The network is working closely with the Commission on Elections to reach the target First-Timers before the end of the registration period that will be on October31, 2013. FTV and COMELEC is now working hand in hand for the process of satellite registrations in the populous communities and universities, making the registration accessible to youth voters.

As we give honor and recognition to the young heroes of their time who have been in the forefront of our independence against any form of colonization, FTV and young people of today vow to continue the fight for the full realization of our freedom and democratic rights.

FTV will be launching its Tuloy ang Pagbabago campaign and series of voters registration nationwide, particularly in Pangasinan, Baguio, Nueva Ecija, Cagayan Valley, Metro Manila, Legaspi City, Batangas City, Cebu City, Iloilo City, Bacolod, Davao City, General Santos City, Cagayan de Oro City and Zamboanga City starting on the last week of June to October 2012.



FTV on Petition to Extend Voters Registration

15 10 2009

Official Press Release

October 15, 2009

Youth network, First Time Voters’ (FTV) Project composed of university and college student councils, youth leaders and socio-civic groups filed its petition in Commission on Elections last today to request an extension of the voters’ registration period.

In the network’s press conference last October 9, 2009 in De La Salle University Manila, youth leaders appealed to (COMELEC) to empathize with the people who were affected by the recent typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng and to accord to them as early Holiday present, the extension of voters’ registration.

In a statement, the group said that the registration turnout during the past months happened to be less than what was expected.

“The data from COMELEC stated that only roughly around 2.5 million people registered out of the 9 million supposed first-time voters,” quips Chichi Tullao, Union of Catholic Student Councils spokesperson and member of FTV.

The petition requests the one week extension of registration in Region IV-A (CALABARZON) except Rizal, Region IV-B (MIMAROPA), Region V (Bicol), and the Visayas and Mindanao regions. It also appeals for a month-long extension in the areas awfully affected by the two calamities, the Regions I to III (Ilocos, Cagayan Valley and Central Luzon regions), Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR), National Capital Region (NCR) and Rizal province.

“Our people should be reminded of how crucial the next election is, we should realize that we need capable leaders who can lead us not only in our everyday nation building efforts but also in crises like these , “shares Paula Bianca Lapuz, National Secretary-General of Student Council Alliance of the Philippines, core member of FTV.

“We wish to give typhoon victims and all first time and youth voters the assurance that they can make elected leaders in 2010 accountable to them directly, says Helen Paulino, spokesperson of FTV.

According to FTV, voters’ registration, voters’ education and election give surety that everyone has an equal standing with others, whether rich or poor.

“The Presidential Elections will only happen once in six (6) years. It is therefore encouraged that all qualified Filipinos to vote in May 2010, and they can only do so if they are registered,” adds Paulino.

The First Time Voters’ (FTV) Network is confident that the COMELEC will grant their petition to ensure the enfranchisement of the biggest stakeholders in the 2010 elections, the young people, who will make up close to 60% of next year’s electorate.

“One week or one month will definitely make all the difference, considering that the original registration deadline was December 31, 2009. This will give more time for people to register, of course, and FTV will make sure that it will do its part to encourage more Filipinos to register,” states Lapuz.

“Youth vote is an essential and curious vote. We must be able to help our fellow young people to make informed decisions in 2010, to ensure that their curiosity and idealism will aid in our initiatives for a better politics,” concludes Paulino.

Magparehistro. Bumoto. May Pag-laum Pa! FTV Davao

19 06 2009

A network of youth groups will tour campuses today, June 19, 2009, to encourage young people to register for the 2010 elections. The First Time Voters’ Network in Davao City said that this is a continuation of their voters’ registration information drive campaign.

“The young people will make up nearly 60% of the electorate in 2010, NINE million of whom will be first time voters. In Davao alone, there’s a rough estimate of 100, 000 first time voters next year. This number, if mobilized and educated well could definitely influence a positive change in our country,” says Karen Vina Abellana, FTV Davao Coordinator.

The First Time Voters Network was first launched in 2001 in NCR, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao as the collective response of different youth groups like Student Council Alliance of the Philippines, Akbayan Youth, Movement for the Advancement of Student Power, etc. to the wide disenfranchisement of millions of young Filipinos that year. Since then, the group has spread out in different parts of the country, getting more youth organizations involved like the Sangguniang Kabataan (Youth Councils) and other student groups not only to encourage young people to register but also to craft and forward the First Time Voters’ Youth Agenda.

FTV will be visiting San Pedro College, Holy Cross of Davao City and Ateneo de Davao University today after its press conference in NCCC Mall this morning.

“We will fly several balloons in ADDU later this afternoon, after our caravan, to symbolize our great hope for our nation. Magparehistro. Bumoto. May Pag-laum Pa! We call on all young Davaoeños to register and reclaim our future in 2010,” adds Abellana, who’s also an SK officer in Davao City.

The group is also part of many electoral reform groups like YouthVotePhilippines which was launched in Davao City last November 2008; TaskForce2010, a consortium and partnership between and among various election watchdogs which was also created earlier last year; and Bantay Eleksyon, a citizen’s electoral monitoring group formed by Consortium on Electoral Reforms in 2007.

FTV also mentioned that there’s only 133 days left to register in COMELEC.

“We should beat the deadline. Let us not flock the COMELEC offices only on October 31, 2009, the deadline for registration, which has always been the case during the previous years. Let us also be more responsible in order for us to be able to exercise our right to vote,” concludes Abellana.

The group will have a “Register to Vote” concert party tomorrow night, June 20, in Matina Town Square featuring several youth bands who have also volunteered to join the campaign through their music. FTV, aside from doing its string of activities in Davao City, will also be participating in the many events on electoral reform advocacy of the different civil society groups in the area in the coming months.


Magparehistro. Bumoto. May Pag-asa pa.

10 05 2009

Media Person/s: Eriza Dapitan (eriza.dapitan@gmail.com)

TaskForce2010 and First Time Voters Network Commit 365 days for Electoral Reform Advocacy

TaskForce2010, the broadest electoral reform coalition, spearheads the continuous engagement of civil society groups in the electoral reform advocacy, as it supports the First Time Voters Network’s gathering in EDSA grounds, today, May 11, 2009, to broadcast the message of hope amidst the general public’s disillusionment and distrust in the political and electoral system of the country.

“There’s nothing like seeing the young people optimistic about their future. This gathering echoes our deepest hopes for genuine reforms to take place in this country,” says Paula Bianca Lapuz, FTV National Convenor.

The youth group will light up 150 candles in the EDSA grounds to symbolize their commitment to spread the campaign on voters’ registration and conscientious voting in 2010 among young people all over the country, exactly one year before the elections.

Bishop Broderick S. Pabillo, Co-Chair of TF2010, will preside over a mass after the candle lighting to solemnize the event. The Bishop is expected to tackle the issues of registering and voting responsibly.

“EDSA Shrine is also a very symbolic venue for this activity as it embodies the aspirations of the first People Power in 1986. This time around, we will show a different People Power, we will ensure that the young people will make their mark in 2010, we will show the youth power in the ballots,” adds Helen Joy Paulino, National Spokesperson of FTV.

FTV Network is the youth arm of TF2010, and is leading the campaign to get young people involved in the pre-, actual, and post electoral processes of the country. The network has said in its previous statements that should all the first time voters vote critically in 2010, the young people can in fact ELECT the country’s next president.

Roughly making up of 60% of the electorate in 2010, with an estimate number of NINE million first time voters, young people will definitely prove to be a political force to reckon with, if and when they indeed vote.

“We’d like to make this campaign as meaningful and as exciting for all FTV’s aged 17-25 years old, as it was for us for the past EIGHT years since we started in 2001, and we want all the young people to enjoy the same experiences that we’ve had. We are very glad that young people from Iligan, Cagayan de Oro, Isabela, Rizal, Cebu, and Davao were among the first FTV areas to launch FTV 100-a campaign to get 100 youth organizations that will do the FTV campaign,” states Lapuz.

The network is looking forward to mobilize more young people to register in COMELEC in all its other areas as well. FTV groups all over the country have started their own processes and localized campaigns on voters’ registration.

“As we all light our candles, we hope to impart the importance of the young people’s participation in our democratic exercises, most especially in the polls. We all want to ensure that all our votes will be counted but before that we have to ensure that we will register, and then further make sure that our votes will truly reflect our aspirations and values as a people, magparehistro, bumoto, may pag-asa pa,” concludes Paulino.#####

TaskForce 2010 and First Time Voters Project 100 Launched in Northern Mindanao and Luzon

29 04 2009


Citizens Care and Youth groups in Iligan led the launch of Task Force 2010 and First Time Voters’ Project in Mindanao last April 18-21, 2009.

Citizen’s Care and First Time Voters’ Network, members of Task Force 2010, formally introduced the TaskForce and First Time Voters’ Project 100 in Northern Mindanao.

The SK Federation together with Iligan youth groups led FTV’s campaign on voters’ registration, voters’ education and youth agenda building.

“The youth sector is just one of the vulnerable sectors that TaskForce2010 is concentrating in. The task force is bent on encouraging the maximum participation of the internally displaced, elderly, people with disability, migrant workers, detainees, and indigeneous people in the 2010 elections, thus our group’s involvement in these initiatives,” says Salic Ibrahim, Convenor of C-Care ARMM.

Task Force 2010 is a consortium and partnership between and among various election watchdogs aiming to push for the needed reforms in the electoral process.

Task Force 2010 is initially composed of the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV), Institute for Political and Electoral Reform (IPER), Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan (SLB), Center for Migrant Advocacy (CMA), La Salle Justice and Peace Commission (LSJPC), Citizen’s Care, Inc. (C-CARE), Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP), Teachers and Employees for Change, Education Reforms and Solidarity (TEACHERS, Inc.), Philippine Society of NSTP Educators, Inc. (PSNEI), Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement (PRRM), First Time Voters Network (FTV), Association of Major Religious Superiors of the Philippines (AMRSP), Confederation of Independent Unions (CIU), Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC), Caucus of Development NGO and CBCP-National Secretariat for Social Action (CBCP-NSSA).

The SK Federation together with Iligan youth leaders actively participated in the 3-day launch which consisted of a youth consultative forum in Mindanao State University, a press conference in Lailai Restaurant and a community hopping in the biggest barangays of Iligan. Also present in the launch was Atty. Anna Sabio  from COMELEC Region 10.


First Time Voters Network National Convenor, Paula Bianca Lapuz said that the Iligan launch was only the first in a series of FTV launches in all of Mindanao and the country. The group initially launched in Taytay, Rizal last April 17, 2009, where the local groups of FTV Rizal conducted a series of activities which included a community hop, an off-site registration center in a barangay, and a register to vote concert where 500-1000 young people were present.

“After visiting Iligan, I also met with some groups in Cagayan de Oro for the possible launching of FTV in CDO,” quips Lapuz.

FTV Network in Isabela will also have a big launch in Santiago City this May 3, 2009, through a concert dubbed as Isabela Youth Jam 2009 where young people from all over the province and its nearby areas are expected to attend. The Network has already conducted successful simultaneous small launches in all barangays in Isabela during the last week of April. A series of political education will follow the youth jam, as a part FTV’s campaign to inform young people of the country’s current political situation and the former’s great role in shaping the country’s politics.

Similar activities are being conducted in other areas of FTV such as Makati, Manila, Quezon City, Manadaluyong, Cebu City, etc., in order to encourage young people to participate meaningfully in all electoral processes leading to 2010 and beyond.


First Time Voters Register Protest against GMA’s Charter Change

15 04 2009

Youth group, First Time Voters Network, denounced moves to amend the Constitution before 2010 elections. The network encouraged everyone to register this week as a sign of protest against the ill-attempts of the present administration to once again push Charter Change in the lower house, bereft of merit and credibility.

FTV Network is pressuring the leaders of today with a resounding call for reform in 2010 through the ballots. Each citizen who will register for 2010 elections is definitely one count more against GMA’s ChaCha.

“This could not come in a more opportune time for the administration. If GMA allies won’t be able to get ChaCha passed in congress, there’s no more chance of it pushing through this year. It is not very surprising to see these renewed attempts to save the beleaguered presidency of GMA, she will lose her immunity as President in 2010 and will have to face a long list of legal charges” says Paula Bianca Lapuz, National Convenor of the FTV Network.

Members of FTV will continue to flock to COMELEC offices and off-site registration centers to register for May 2010 elections.

“We want to send out a strong message to GMA and to her cohorts in congress that the young people are vigilant in watching and monitoring all the political and electoral processes leading to the 2010 elections,” adds Lapuz.

FTV members in Barangay South Rembo, Makati City will register in COMELEC’s off-site registration center this Wednesday, April 15, 2009, as a response to the network’s call to protest against Ms. Arroyo’s Charter Change.

“Kabahagi kami ng kampanya kontra ChaCha, ang dapat inaatupag ng mga mambabatas ngayon ay ang pagpapasa ng mga panukalang batas na makakatulong sa pagpapaunlad ng kalagayan ng mga batayang-sektor ng lipunan, katulad ng CARP extension with reforms para sa ating mga magsasaka. Tama na ang pamumulitika para sa pansarili nilang kapakanan,” quips Jah Bringas, FTV Coordinator in Makati.

FTV Network is actively organizing first time voters in different parts of the country; as such it will first launch FTV 100 in Iligan City this 3rd week of April, a campaign drive to get 100 youth organizations in 25 areas which will work on the First Time Voters Campaign “Register. Vote. Transform.” The event will also be the launching of TaskForce 2010 Mindanao (April 18-21).

Task Force 2010 is a consortium and partnership between and among various election watchdogs aiming to push for the needed reforms in the electoral process.

TF2010 through its Co-chairpersons Bishop Broderick Pabillo and Bishop Efraim Tendero, said in a statement last November 2008 that it will reject moves to amend the 1987 Constitution which could result in a postponement of the 2010 elections.

Task Force 2010 is initially composed of the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV), Institute for Political and Electoral Reform (IPER), Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan (SLB), Center for Migrant Advocacy (CMA), La Salle Justice and Peace Commission (LSJPC), Citizen’s Care, Inc. (C-CARE), Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP), Teachers and Employees for Change, Education Reforms and Solidarity (TEACHERS, Inc.), Philippine Society of NSTP Educators, Inc. (PSNEI), Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement (PRRM), First Time Voters Network (FTV), Association of Major Religious Superiors of the Philippines (AMRSP), Confederation of Independent Unions (CIU), Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC), Caucus of Development NGO and CBCP-National Secretariat for Social Action (CBCP-NSSA).

Now in its 4th elections-participation campaign, the First Time Voters Project aims to launch a renewed advocacy to register, educate, and mobilize first time voters to ensure a pro-active youth electorate in 2010.

The First Time Voters Network will register its protest against GMA’s ChaCha, and it will continue to call on all first time voters and other Filipinos to do the same, to literally register their disapproval of this initiative. This country deserves a chance to uplift itself from the pits of political crisis.